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Deep facial scars are always a challenge to remove, especially the ones that are deep-seated after sever acne. Microneedling therapy is a new treatment for such scars that offers a simple and effective management. Microneedling treatment involves needles that are used to treat the scars on the different depth. For more sever scars or keloids medical professional will use deeper depth of the needles over 1-2mm. Micro-needling treatment stimulates fibroblasts and collagen deposition and help remodel and diminish the scar. Because the scars didn’t happen over night, it will take time and commitment to restore the depth of the scar tissue. Fibroblasts and collagen regenerate your skin in small amounts. Platelet rich plasma (PRP) is produced naturally by our body to heal and regenerate our wounds. During Acne Treatment it is very important to create an open skin punctures so the body can release PRP to start healing.
After the treatment, client will experience burning sensation and pulsing. This is an indicator that your body is rushing to heal the punctures. After 3rd day your skin will start to exfoliate, the top epidermis layer will shed and brand new layer will be exposed. This treatment is done under topical anesthetics for the best comfort level. During the treatment your specialist will choose supplements to help your skin regenerate much faster.
Micro-Needling should be repeated after full epidermis layer is regenerated. Full regeneration of skin takes 4-6 weeks. It is hard to say how many treatments Acne patient requires to improve the skin however dramatic results were noticed after 6 treatments.

It uses IPL and RF energy, act on and kill Ciprofloxacin bacilli existed in acne, decrease sebaceous gland activation, at same time, it will elimite pigmentation, stimulate deep collagen rebirth and rearrangement, so as to get good result. Safety: Cause it uses IPL and RF complex energy, it can act on different deep layer, not single energy, so it can make sure more safety and effective on curing.

Based on IPL technique, it combines radio frequency  energy which  can  down  to hypodermal  15MM, directly  acts on  hair folliculus, make their melanin inhale more energy, so that has better effect on tiny thin hair, light hair, golden hair and white hair.

Dispel deep freckle, epidermis freckle, whiten skin, dispel thread vein.

it uses Hemoglobin and pigment group which can inhale light selectively and dissolve, to increase target texture temperature. Under the premise not to damage normal skin tissue especially epidermis, make target texture, putrescence, so as to get good therapy.

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