IPL laser

It combines E-light (IPL and RF) technique, that is also said electromagnetic wave and IPL heat energy, to increase dermis layer temperature, stimulate collagen fibre rebirth and rearrangement, so as to do wrinkle removal, face lift and lift skin without pain.

Acne skin therapy with laser

It uses IPL and RF energy, act on and kill Ciprofloxacin bacilli existed in acne, decrease sebaceous gland activation, at same time, it will elimite pigmentation, stimulate deep collagen rebirth and rearrangement, so as to get good result. Safety: Cause it uses IPL...

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Simple IPL technique

it uses Hemoglobin and pigment group which can inhale light selectively and dissolve, to increase target texture temperature. Under the premise not to damage normal skin tissue especially epidermis, make target texture, putrescence, so as to get good therapy.

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Skin Rejuvenation Treatment

Skin rejuvenation using iPulse light therapy consists primarily of creating sufficient heat in the red or brown sun-damaged structures of the skin to reduce their appearance or eliminate them completely. This is achieved by light absorption in the melanin of the...

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Vein Removal Treatment

Intense Pulsed Light treats a broad range of vessels, particularly spider veins, broken capillaries (or telangiectasia).Results may be seen after your first treatment but a possible 6 or more may be required depending on the severity. It works by delivering pulses of...

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Sun & Age Spots Treatment

Intense Pulsed Light is effective for treating many types of pigmentation or freckles and can be removed with just 1 - 3 treatments, depending on the severity. You may feel a sharp brief pinching sensation but there is no need for topical aesthetic or pain control as...

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