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Permanent Makeup

Consultation $ 30

(including skin type assessment, colour under the skin, and design)

Upper or lower eyeliner $ 160 – 250.00

( 1.5 hour ) price depends on the thickness of your upper eyelin

Eyeliner Package

$ 300.00-350.00 Depending on what service are done


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Feathering (hair strokes) $ 400.00

(2 hour) including a follow-up appointment

Shade-in eyebrows $ 350.00

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Skin Treatments


Consultation 30$

Skin Treatment 150$

Micro-Needling 1 session $200

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Acne Treatment with Vitamin A $250

Skin Treatment 150$

Thread Contour Therapy

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Hair Loss

Hair Loss Consultation $30

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Skin treatment 150$

Skin Treatment 150$

Hair Loss Treatment With minoxidil

Skin Treatment 150$

Tatoo Removal

Consultation $30

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Hair treatment with minoxidil

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