Skin Microneedling

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Skin Micro-needling

Scars, Wrinkles NO PROBLEM!!!

From accidents to acne to aging, micro-needling offers a reasonable alternative to expensive lasers and surgery. Wrinkles? No Problem. Need a healthy glow? No Problem. Crows feet, frown lines and nasolabial creases are all plumped up with Microneedling. The beauty is the nature does the work with a little help from us.

Micro-needling stimulates fibroblasts and collagen deposition and help remodel and diminish the wrinkle or scar. You’ll need to repeat the procedure every 30-60 days. The improvement or remodeling process cannot be rushed. Superficial healing takes at least 28 days and remodeling takes 4-5 months. Plan on treatments every 6 months after you’ve got control.

Bleeding Mandatory! Skin remodeling need blood and collagen. Think platelets!

Needling Zones: Scars, Acne, Wrinkles

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